To Refresh My Memory

Age is fast catching up (or should I say eating up) on my lowly Filipino brain, there are so many whacky fun perplexing astounding interesting inviting fantabulous things I always encounter living in these islands. I would like not to easily forget all about them. I would like to keep them in my memory. These things help me have a joyful outlook about life...

These things are not about my travels and sojourns so I cannot write them on the "other" blog. Articles here are generally about everything and everyone not necessarily encountered during my travels.

So I better write them here. A place where these will be easy for me to get back to, AND easy for everyone else to read so they can remind me what I said or what has caught my attention - if only to refresh my memory hehehe!

Hey, I noticed that as this blog progressed, so many other things are there for us to remember or marvel about but do not necessarily require me to re-write them. These are news, informational materials and other things (mostly articles) that I had to quote and plug them in here. You'll notice those that I have quoted in three obvious ways - 1] The writers or publishers are properly quoted/recognized; 2] If you click on the title of the article, you will be redirected or transported to the original page that it came from; and 3] the article is not listed on the left side of any page - but you can find them in the archives. Needless to say, any title you find on the left pane of this blog is from my own lowly brain. I have even started classifying them! Whoa!

Do drop me a comment via this blog or send me email on whatever it is on your mind that I should know or take note about... please?!


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